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3 DAYS LEFT TO MEET! Lets talk about Limiting Belief's

Many of us dream big, but there is always an inner voice telling us we are not good enough or that we are not deserving of it.

If you have ever had these doubts, they are known as limiting beliefs—and they prevent us from living happy, fulfilling lives.

To achieve personal success and happiness, you must first break these limiting beliefs.

Once you clear them from your mind, you automatically develop the courage and confidence to pursue your dreams and live an uncompromised life.

Breaking limiting beliefs is not easy.

However, on 17th of February at 10 am in Bisley, Yurtie you can easily identify your limiting beliefs and get over them.

let's talk about on limiting beliefs  let's talk about on limiting beliefs

You will learn:

What limiting beliefs are

Where limiting beliefs come from

How to identify your limiting beliefs

How to dismantle them and replace them with empowering ones

What Are Limiting Beliefs?

What Are Limiting Beliefs

Have you ever thought that you cannot lose weight, have chronic pain, anxiety, anger coming from nowhere?

Or maybe you believe that you have so much debt that you will never be able to repay it—so you decide to spend your money on other things instead.

If you have ever had thoughts along the lines of “I can never do A because of B,” you most likely suffer from a limiting belief.

Simply put, a limiting belief is a state of mind, a conviction, or anything you perceive as real—but which also limits your life.

It is a generalization of yourself and how the world works—even if there is little or no evidence to support it.

Limiting beliefs make you:

Focus on the negative parts of your life

Blind to positive opportunities you come across

Crippled by low self-confidence and self-worth

Hold back from making positive choices

The worst part is that most of these beliefs operate from our subconscious—many of us do not even realize we have them.

To understand why this happens, it is essential to know where limiting beliefs come from and why they are so powerful.

If you really want change limiting beliefs and empower them for your highest good

Join me on 17 th of February at 10 am. We will spend 2 intensive hour to empower your beliefs

Book your space here

With love ,

Gabriela Galasinska

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