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Workshop for Healing and re connecting with your Inner Child / Meditation /Shamanic Healing

Hi Soul 🌹 This workshop will set you free from fears, anxiety, depression, worries and you will make a space for more happiness and joy. What is about? This Healing Inner Child Workshop / Meditation where you can heal your past uncomfortable memory from your childhood and your past life's which one appearing now in your adulthood by - struggling with unworthiness, self-love, not good enough, self acceptance, being not seen, heard, self-esteem, phobias, overwhelming, anger ,feeling lonely, having a lot of issues with any kind of relationships and more . So if you experiencing any of those things, definitely this workshop is for you Book your space here .Space are limited . ____________________________________________ What you can experience and get from ? THROUGH THE MEDITATION WE WILL RE-CONNECT WITH YOUR TRUE INNER-SELF (inner child) YOU AND YOU WILL BE ABLE TO HEAL YOURS WOUNDS ,TRAUMAS,REALISE OLD PATTERNS etc. How to Open Your Heart for unconditional love and how to Make a Heaven for Your Soul YOU be able to make more peace with yourself using shamanic techniques, meditation,369 breathing ,using a fire to realise karma and more. - YOU can be more enlightened with your life and start living with purpose. - You can experience your time line changing ( change your past) through my methods. -YOU will find support and encouragement here , you not alone with your experience . ____________________________________________ When is it and where is it ? Saturday 29th at 1 pm UK time zone face to face IF THIS IS YOUR CALLING LEAVE ME A COMMENT BELOW AND BOOK YOUR SPACE TODAY TO AVOID ANY DISAPPOINTMENT ____________________________________________ Please bring a yoga mat if you would like to lie down during inner child meditation, pen and paper. Also will be opportunity to get my new BOOK Mind Body Spirit with my signature and blessings. ____________________________________________ Book your seat today ! I have a limited number of participants and I really would like to have you in my healing workshop. Here is a link how to book ; or visit my website ____________________________________________ Looking forward to meeting you but if you have any questions mean time please feel free to send me email

ETNA Community Centre 13 Rosslyn Road Twickenham, London ETNA Community Centre is welcoming environment where people of all ages & backgrounds can meet & interact. The Centre i… See more

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