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I really wanted.... Febuary Opportunity Arrived...


I really wanted to enter our local pie bake class ,dance course, holistic healing session, join art class, etc.

because no one of my friends doesn't want to go with me, and even if I ll go by myself, I will feel awkward .I DECIDED TO NOT GO.

It seems familiar to you?

This is one of the limiting beliefs that stops you from going forward in your life.

During my 2 hour workshop on 17 th of February at 10 am at Yurtie, Bisley in Uk, or join my online workshop

let's talk about on limiting beliefs  let's talk about limiting beliefs

I will be talking and showing you by practical exercises how to transform that limiting belief for your �� better.

I'd love to see you there with me. Let's talk about limiting beliefs, I HAVE a GIFT FOR YOU  


Biofield Clearing

5th of February at 8 pm Yurtie, UK

Limiting beliefs workshop 24th February at 11.30 am -13.30

Rise up your frequency workshop 3rd online book your space here

Red Rose Sisterhood 🌹

27th of February at 7pm The Yurtie

Book your space here,

with love  

Gabriela Galasinska


with love  

Gabriela Galasinska 

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