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One day someone went upstairs where a meditating hermit had taken refuge and asked her: - What do you do in such solitude?

To which she replied: - I have a lot of work.

- And how can you have so much work? I don't see anything here...

- I need to train two hawks and two eagles, calm two rabbits, discipline the snake, motivate the donkey and tame the lion.

- And where are they that I don't see them?

- I have them inside.

Hawks jump on anything that gets in their way, good or bad, I have to train them to jump on good things. These are my eyes.

Two eagles with their claws hurt and destroy, I must teach them not to destroy. These are my hands.

Rabbits want to go where they want, not to face difficult situations, I need to teach them peace, even if there is suffering, stumbling. These are my feet.

The donkey is always tired, stubborn, does not want to carry its load many times. This is my body.

The most difficult to tame is the snake.

Although he is locked in a strong cage, he is always ready to bite and poison anyone nearby.

I have to discipline him. It's my language.

I also have a lion. Oh, how proud, vain, he thinks he is king. I have to tame him. It's my ego.

"As you can see, my friend, I have a lot of work.

With love🌹


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