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Join us on 18th January 2024 at 7 pm Awaken Foundation Course Level 1 and .....

I see you all dear Soul's,

I would like to introduce myself for some of you who don't know me

 My name is Gabriela in this life time I am offering for others souls

Intuitive life coaching, Mentoring,

NLP Therapy (phobias, stress, overwhelming, depression, old patterns, limiting beliefs, integrating two parts of you low and higher consciousness of you),

Biofield Clearing Energy(Clearing your wounds on a deeper level ,trauma’s, patterns, emotions, programming, cords, chronic stress, illnesses and more .... ( sometimes you don't know about them) where we go to your DNA and we turn the switch off .Also I will connect with your higher self, spirits guides, ancestors and channel the messages for you .

Also I am running healing workshops and tribes:

Red Rose  Sisterhood Tribe GATHERING

Biofield Group Clearing and Healing With Shamanic Drumming

Join us on 18th January 2024 at 7 pm

Awaken Foundation Course Level 1

And more different workshops ,check out here:

Quantum Intuitive Healing, Shamanic techniques and different modalities.

Story about me:

Many of you hide a lot of sadness, unresolved childhood traumas, past life's, a lot of bitterness, a lot of anger, disappointment, being unnoticed, unheard, misunderstood ... and so it is endlessly interchangeable but I am writing this post to help you understand and heal yourself. Start believing that everything can be changed if you want it to. My story of violent change happened in 2014 and it started slowly in 2008.

2008 I had my first Awaking, when my childhood trauma from childhood and my past life's shadows appeared, my body freaked out and I did not know what was happening. It was then that I started looking for and deepening my knowledge on Awakening. Slowly I found the answers to the questions that bothered me, and then I slowly began to live in the moment. I ve learnt a lot and I've started to feel more with my open heart

 I have become stronger and more confident with myself and I recognize that everything will pass and I will be left with memories that are the results of my experiences.

Now when I'm back ,I feel proud of myself and knowing why I have experienced those situation gives me a lot of relief and happiness.


Message for You

 Healing yourself from various experiences gives you freedom and leads you to live fully with yourself and, secondly, with the rest of the world. Heal yourself from traumas, limited beliefs, personal beliefs is not easy, but it is necessary to be able to live life to the full.

Conversation is one of the best ways to heal yourself if you agree with me of course?

 That is why I found myself in helping other people with their own life goals, healing traumas, finding answers to their questions.

 So if you do not have to talk to someone about what is bothering you, write to me I'm waiting just for you.

Also I will be offering my support Berkshires Mind Body Spirit Fayre and have my talk :

It's time to find your pinpoint and set yourself free using the Biofield Clearing and Quantum healing energy

If you feel calling to see me just come on that day and say "I see you"



Mind / Body / Spirit / Quantum Intuitive Healing  for your Soul

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