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Updated: Oct 13, 2023

I am so happy to announce you all my new coming Red Rose Sisterhood Tribe,

Welcome to each and every one. Welcome dear ones in this sacred space inspired by and dedicated to the Love of the Goddess. As you read these words, She is loving you and embracing you unconditionally, consistently desiring Peace and Harmony among all beings on this planet. My intention is to crate the safe and supportive place for you all to heal your feminine energy You need to come to experience your own journey of healing . I am happy to lead you there.... These Immersions Are For: Awakening Women Powerful Space Holders/Spiritual Healers/Coaches/Carers/ Way Showers/ Wisdom Sharers That are needing space held for them to go deeper Needing space held for them to go through their Rite of Passages Those who are readyyyyy of a Rite of Passage THIS IS FOR YOU IF YOU ARE NOT AFRAID TO GO INTO THE DARKNESS AND ARE READY TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR LIFE (Hint - it is so worth it!) Sisterhood Red Rose Tribe offer you: grounding meditation, shamanic feminine dance Rose tea ceremony healing ,Clearing time using bio Field Clearing Energy group connection exercise (chanting,humming,singing and more) access to my Spotify podcasts deep healing , connection with the nature(five elements) So if you Allow me to welcome you with open arms to some very special and sacred immersive healing will happen for you with love gabriela Book your space Edit

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