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Sisterhood , are you open ?

Sisterhood is Open to heal Your Soul and feel More Divine Feminine energy inside you with the beautiful structure of masculine energy .

Ready to go with me ????????????????

This is a space for women to empower and nurture themselves and step fully into the divine feminine.

We gather in a sacred space ( Glastonbury , UK ) to celebrate and nourish the embodied feminine in all its forms, through ancient sacred practices, story telling,, meditation, creativity and space to be with what is happening inside, in silence and together in sisterhood.

Each time, circle will explore a different aspect of the divine feminine in times we practice embodying the energies of goddesses, discovering our own inner goddess, connecting to mother earth and her support as well as to the magical realms of the animal and nature .

We will emerge from these sessions with enhanced compassion for ourselves and others, strengthened, heal nourished and empowered.

Looking forward to see you there.

With love,


Please write me and book your space here

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