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Updated: Apr 5, 2023

I am happy to share with you today this:

This workshop is for every women who struggling with their life and would like to talk about her feelings . It's for those who want to be heard, seen and understood.

Sisterhood is Open for every women who need empower herself, nurture herself and step fully into divine feminine.

I am gabriela your spiritual guide who will be hosting this Sisterhood Tribe for You. I am Quantum Healing Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach , Spiritual Teacher ,NLP Practitioner, Therapist where I am finding and expressing myself fully .

Feel free to see my work here:

Next meeting is 8th of April at 17.00 in Bracknell Forest Community Centre[0]=AZXKPeK43so6fWXuVFjngA0xpqH0Wdfh_EGSS23OfIvDAAvplJmJskzb8QO7nhR3VZY12Tqdw534wWYlT9LhdouBLUTmr2XGsYnWj5_Qp6Hip7Jsx5cgGRLWY4wX1zTod9t4TViH9w0Ph6Xgdf_V0fOIPFJl3-x6qd-N3QxukY_Dzw&__tn__=-UK-R

We will be gather every week to talk about your inner wounds which needs to be seen, heard and healed .

We will be sharing our unconditional love and accepting all women where they are at the moment in their life, who they are ( no Judgments )and consistently inspiring them to their highest potential for their life.

We will be creating bond between the soul sisters, who not always related by blood but they always tell the truth, honour each other, and love each other like sisters.

We will be participate in healing sacred ceremony each week ( realising past trauma, transmute fear in love, let go anxiety, phobias, depressions.....)

If you get to the end of reading this words definitely this Sisterhood for you .

Looking forward to meeting you

with love , gabriela

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