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The first law says: "The person you meet in life is the right person." That is: no one enters our lives by chance. All the people who surround us, with whom we have a history in common, represent something - either to teach us something or to guide us further in our situation.

The second law says: "What is happening is the only thing that could have happened." Nothing, absolutely nothing that happens to us, could have happened otherwise. This applies to even the smallest details. There's just no such thing as, "If I had done it differently then, it would have turned out differently." No, because what happened is the only thing that could and must have happened for us to learn the lessons that will allow us to move on. All the individual situations that happen to us in life are perfect in themselves, even if our mind and ego refuse to refuse to accept it.

The third law says: "Every moment when something begins is the right moment." Everything starts at the right time - neither too early nor too late. When we are really ready for something new to begin in our lives, that something is already here to begin. The fourth law says: "What has ended, it has ended." It's that simple. When something in our lives ends, it serves our development. Therefore, it is better to let go and move on, carrying with you the gifts of lived experiences.

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