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Time for a change :)

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

The truth is you don't need more time management strategies, you need to start managing the emotions that lead you down that path.

Dalai Lama had often procrastinated in his student days. The now great spiritual leader would leave his studies until the last possible moment because he was an unmotivated student: “Only in the face of a difficult challenge or an urgent deadline would I study and work without laziness.”.

We could argue that beyond a self love and believe in yourself nothing is possible.

Why is self love and belief are important?

Your life change in the great way suddenly. Your self confidence increase and your inner power rise up. You attract your dreams faster than you think and your life will have then meaning .

  • Fear: we worry about the result

  • Denial: we don’t like certain tasks so we simply try to erase them from our mind

  • Impulsiveness: we get distracted by other activities that reward our brain with dopamine in the short-term

  • Rebelliousness: when we feel forced to do something, we just fight back and resist.

So what are some things that you can do to manage your emotions and start love yourself?

1. Be kind to yourself

choose to be kind to yourself and accept what’s happening without judgement.

What would you do if it was your best friend sitting next to you asking for advice on how to get on with their task? Would you start by shaming them or harshly judge them for it? Probably not. So be as kind to yourself as you would be with a friend and then take your own advice.

2. Breathe

Something else you can do to accept the situation and regulate your emotions is to breathe. You may engage in meditation, yoga, breathing exercises or you simply take a mindful minute.

It’s often a technique used when people are angry, but actually, it’s useful overall to regulate your emotions. Breathing can be a powerful tool for your peace of mind, especially if you make it a habit.

3. Count backwards from 5 Second Rules

Mel Robbins' famous 5 Second Rules is a great technique to use when you're in a pinch because it moves the brain from the ‘autopilot’ mode. By counting backwards from 5 – 5,4,3,2,1, go – you engage parts of the brain that give you back control.

You know that feeling when you find yourself scrolling on your phone again? You’re probably in autopilot mode so this is a great technique to put you back into control and move forward with your task.

4. Reflect

Many times we procrastinate out of habit, and as we know all habits have triggers. So what is triggering you to reach for procrastination? Take some time to reflect on the situation you find yourself in and ask yourself - what is happening right now?

Is it fear of failure taking over? Do you feel that someone is taking advantage of you with this task? Is it that you're actually afraid of success, that you might achieve your dreams and you will have to leave your comfort zone?

It's best to reflect for a minute the moment you catch yourself being triggered into procrastination but you might find that meditating on it, journaling about it or even having conversations with friends will help you get to the bottom and avoid procrastination.

5. Heal your inner child

give more compassion to yourself and start fulfil your childhood dreams.

6. Know your why

Many times when we start something new in our lives, its excitement lies in its novelty. But once that novelty ends, so does the motivation. Knowing your why can offer a long-term source of motivation and a new purpose – why have you started on this path in the first place?

Connecting with your why often will help you keep it at the forefront of the mind and it’s less likely that you will let negative emotions take over and lead you into procrastination.

What is your mission?

7. Shift your focus from you to them

Another great way to regulate your emotions is to stop focusing on yourself. As with many things, it sounds good in theory but how do you put it into practice?

Ready for changes :)

Love Gabi

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