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When you had enough of everything in life ...

Hey Dear Soul 🌹

This is URGENT REMINDER FOR YOU IF YOU STILL READING THIS! ✨When everything's not going well. Me - God, can I ask you a question? God - Of course. - But you won't be angry? - I'm never. - Why are you disappointing me so often today? - What exactly do you mean? "Well, I woke up too late!" My car did not start for a long time. They made my sandwich bad for dinner and I had to wait for the second one - I hate waiting. When I was coming home my phone broke, and that was the moment someone called me. And on top of that, when I got home I wanted to relax and do a foot massage with my new device, it just didn't work! Nothing went well today! Why did you let this happen? - Let me see ... The angel of death was by your bed this morning and I sent my angel to fight for your life and I let you sleep peacefully. - Oh! - I let your car not start because there was a drunk driver on your way to work, you didn't meet him because you left later. The first person to make you a sandwich today was sick, and I didn't want you to catch it. I knew you couldn't afford illness because you had an important job. The phone was broken because the caller was making false statements. And I just didn't want your statements to be faked, so I didn't even let the conversation take place. - I understand God. - Oh, and the foot massager had a technical error and would blow all the fuses in the house. I figured I'd better not sit in the dark all evening. - Sorry, God. - You don't have to apologize - you just have to learn to trust me ... in everything, whether it is going well or not. - I trust you. "And don't doubt my plan for the day is always better than yours." - I don't want to doubt God and let me tell you. Thank you God for everything that happened to me today. - You're welcome, my child. It was another day that I am your Father - and I love to look after my children and look into them.

with love 🌹


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