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WHY Do We Need BioField Clearing?

Are you dealing with chronic pain? Have a challenging illness?

How about difficult recurring life patterns? Financial issues?

Tendency for self-sabotage?

Recurring Relationship challenges? Are you Addicted to SOMETHING? Do you limit your own success?

How can we truly HEAL?

We ALL have blocks, traumas, cellular memories, trapped emotions, limiting beliefs, even ancestral and inherited

patterns buried in our subconscious energy field. They limit our ability to experience fully a healthy, happy life of joy and abundance.

These things are in held our

DNA! Humanity has been a traumatized species for thousands of years. It’s time to heal and THRIVE!

A Few Testimonies...

I am in awe! I have experienced instant life shifts, and getting unstuck in places where I have been stuck all my life. Thank you! — L.S.

I felt a definite energetic shift and lightness, and a feeling of optimism. During the session I was aware of the energetic shifts around the subject we were clearing.- O.K.

"I am so grateful for your willingness to present me with this quantum healing process. It couldn't have come at a better time in my life as I am getting healthier and carrying a higher vibration. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! - K.P.

You can't help but feel like weight has truly been lifted from your body! To remove the generations of garbage that one accumulates, is an incredible service and value so that you can move forward in a happy, loving and secure future.- P.W.

Unconditional love was so very present and there was no doubt in my analytical mind that this was very, very real. I learned a number of things that I needed to hear to progress in my path of spiritual evolution. - G.R.

"I've done emotional release / intuitive healing with others but never got the results that I have with Biofield Clearing! She was spot-on with the ages in which I experienced shock or trauma without me telling her.” - M.B.

Certified BioField Clearing Practitioner Gabriela Galasinska

Email:, to book a session


Polish and English Speaking

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