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Your Inner Child Trauma

How you can imagine your inner child , in your own eyes?

Now bring your inner child closer to you and start asking the questions. Step by step , slowly , don't rush . Your Inner Child really needs you .

When you realised in yourself the trauma after that long conversation with inner child, then you see who really taking a control in your life . Is it Your Inner Child or Is it Adult ?

For example, when you find yourself in a situation where you feel really angry or feel rejected , its time to look inside you and heal that wound because so many times you wasn't heard, seen, loved when you were a child but that wasn't your fold. You have been programmed and told to do things even you didn't feel it.

But until you do not heal your wounds of your past , you will be bleed every time when you have been triggered.

You can bandage with the food , alcohol, obsess with drugs, obsess with work, obsess with exercise, cigarettes, obsess with sex but eventually it will all ooze through and stain your life.

You must find the strength to face your wounds and stick hands inside , pull out the core of the pain that holding you in your past "THE MEMORIES "and make a peace with them .

So stop waiting forever , just start with small steps each day . Every step, every small action, decisions is healing you. Be your observer and make a note what you need to change.

Your Higher Self is calling you for big changes which help you step on your right life path.

Let go everything which doesn't serve you today to build a new version of yourself.

With love,


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