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💛The Intuitive Quantum Healing for Your Soul "Mind, Body, Spirit"💛 Retreat?

 The Intuitive Quantum Healing for Your Soul "Mind, Body, Spirit" retreats a unique group retreat, designed to accelerate the healing of major wounds, help you get unstuck, and create massive energy shifts in your whole Being.

You work with Gabriela in the breath-taking and sacred, legendary village of Glastonbury has been recognized as a spiritual centre since the megalithic era in the United Kingdom .

Gabriela started these highly transformative retreats after 10 experiencing a deep spiritual awakening and  living close to nature. In those years, she learned the central theme for her coaching and healing philosophy:

Not allowing loving yourself unconditionally   is the source of our biggest pains and challenges in life.

Through her own healing and opening, Gabriela was able to overcome significant childhood trauma and step fully into a life mission and joy.

Although Gabriela’s process of healing was slow and tedious, she’s designed The Intuitive Life Coaching The Intuitive Quantum Healing for Your Soul "Mind, Body, Spirit" to be different.

"The Intuitive Quantum Healing for Your Soul "Mind, Body, Spirit"" was designed to fast-track your self love work and upgrade your energy.

You heal from the past, open your heart, unblock all the uncomfortable points in your life, and step forward with joy and purpose.

You may have done a lot of personal development and healing work on your own.

Today it’s time to experience a deeper level of growth than you ever thought possible.

You can allow yourself to go see more and learn about yourself.

WHAT MAKES  "The Intuitive Quantum Healing for Your Soul "Mind, Body, Spirit"" UNIQUE?


I keep my retreat groups small (15 max) so you won’t get lost in the crowd. 

I  work very closely with each participant, ensuring that the healing and transformation work is well integrated.

Definitely you’ll be well taken care of during Retreat.

Feel significant TRANSFORMATION

There’s a reason why l call this retreat an “The Intuitive Quantum Healing for Your Soul "Mind, Body, Spirit" because  you’ll experience profound transformation and breakthroughs on your hardest challenges and wounds.

We’ll be working together  for a 2 days where you can see how much you can change in your life in this short period.

Be ready expect to uncover any past pain that limits you, heal it, open your heart more for good, and step into more clarity about your life mission.

You will feel more calmer, peace and joy "The Intuitive Quantum Healing for Your Soul "Mind, Body, Spirit"" at the end of retreat.

Place of retreat

Glastonbury has likely been a pilgrimage spot for millennia. Located in southwest England, it has been inhabited since Neolithic Times. Its most dramatic natural feature is the Glastonbury Tor, a conical hill that can be seen for many miles from the surrounding countryside.

Glastonbury has the intersection of two powerful ley lines (which are said to be electromagnetic lines that connect sacred sites around the world).

the Chalice Well and the main gardens are enfolded in the vale between Chalice Hill and the Tor and the garden’s landscape (or aspect) naturally rises upward from the bottom of the garden toward the well head at the top. 

the water from garden has a powerful healing energy .


booking SUPPORT/fees

Booking retreats can be stressful and time-consuming, especially if you’re already super busy. There are lots of logistics to think about: booking bus, train and hotels, figuring out on-the-ground transportation. But since I  obsessed with providing the best experience and services for people, you can expect strong  support from me.

Pricing for this retreat varies, depending on what type of package and hotel accommodations you choose.

Include retreat fee, hotel, breakfast, daily extra activities, on-the-ground transportation (including airport shuttle) if needed, post-retreat coaching, and other perks.

WHAT REALLY MATTERS " The Intuitive Quantum Healing for Your Soul "Mind, Body, Spirit"

Spa, massages, and pedicures may be comfortable experiences, but they don’t change your life forever and sustain with you .

 At the intuitive "The Intuitive Quantum Healing for Your Soul "Mind, Body, Spirit"", you get to the core of what needs healing and transformation, without any distractions. I will focus ,what really matters for you: a close connection with yourself with gentle guiding by coach and the healing power of nature.

But don’t worry, we promise you’ll still be pampered and have a free time for your own reflection.


Most retreats don’t include any extracurricular activities or on-the-ground support. But "The Intuitive Quantum Healing for Your Soul "Mind, Body, Spirit" " kicks it up a notch by providing incredible daily activities to keeps your body and soul in great condition. Included in the price of the retreat.

Some of our top activities include physical training session , one to one coaching session with spiritual guidance, daily meditation sessions. Also included in your retreat are hotel, all meals and if essential all on-the-ground transportation needs. And you can bring with you as well your life partner to make your transformation more significant and fun ?


Most retreats end when you check out of the hotel and head home.

 The intuitive "The Intuitive Quantum Healing for Your Soul "Mind, Body, Spirit""’ll continue to be guided and assisted for months after the retreat ends.

You will get your personal daily journal and one follow -up Intuitive Coaching session with me .


From Intuitive life Coaching "The Intuitive Quantum Healing for Your Soul "Mind, Body, Spirit"" Retreat :

💛clarity of moving forward in your life from area where you struggle a lot ,

💛understand more about your wounds from childhood 

💛have deeper understanding how heal them and be free from trauma

💛start loving yourself unconditionally 

💛shift your conciseness and feel more powerful 

💛you will be have better understanding about your life mission 

Looking forward to see you soon

Love Gabriela 💛

feel free to contact me here or fill in the contact form


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