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"I cannot thank Gabriela enough for our 6 sessions - I have loved every minute of them. Not
only is she a positive, caring person, she is passionate and dedicated to her work. Gabi is
such a beautiful person inside and out and that really helps me feel comfortable, relaxed and
at ease. I feel appreciated and cared for which then helps me open up honestly, to be able to
then be most effective in my sessions.
For me, it is so important to work with a coach/client who is aligned with similar values. I
find it really professional that Gabi insisted we have an initial chat not just to find out about
me but to check that we are a good match as client and coach. At our first meeting, I
instantly felt that great connection with Grabriela which only continued to build.
In every session, Gabi was fully committed for the entire time, often extending the length of
the session. This allowed me to feel important and cared for and ensure I got the most of
each session. Although I am already a highly motivated individual, having the commitment
from Gabi encouraged me to do even more which was super helpful for me to make the
most progress.
Another reason I think Gabi is great is because of her intuition. Her skill of coaching is
outstanding! Gabi has a way to bring things out of you that you don’t even know yourself.
She listens to you so much and helps you listen to yourself – which is something I find so
important. She really helps you align to your true values and what your heart desires.
I would not be able to think of any critique because I have loved every single session and
developed so much since we started working together. I honestly believe it is because of the
support from Gabi that I have managed to bring myself through a busy/stressful time moving
jobs/homes and she has enabled me to do so aligned to my desires and with ease."

I Charlotte confirm that I completed a total of 6 sessions with my Coach, Gabriela

 Date: 19/07/21

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"I started working with Gabi at the beginning of my coaching journey. However, we took a break when work opened again after lockdown, so it was an extended period of coaching for five sessions. At the time had a great deal going on in my life, I felt I needed to really focus upon myself and help prioritize myself while working and accrediting.

We worked on a range of topics: My health, fitness, well-being, and prioritizing time for myself. Gabi helped me to look at my health in a different way. Her holistic coaching with a wealth of experience in well-being and PT was really inspiring and helped motivate me to take time out of my week for myself.

Gabi listened to me. At no point did I even feel judged, and her questioning challenged me to make decisions for myself.

Since working with Gabi, I am happy to report that I am regularly taking time out of my week to focus on myself. This has taken several forms from playing golf, walking the dog or just sitting in the garden reading a book. My mental health is much better, and my trousers feel looser."

Thanks so much to Gabi.


I Jonathan  confirm that I completed a total of 5 sessions with

my Coach, Gabriela Galasinska, 8.06.2021

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"I’m really grateful I got in touch with Gabriela. Her approach of coaching through intuition and spirituality has really struck a cord. Gabriela’s very approachable, calm and highly intuitive.

I came into the process with no expectations and no clear goal, but each session brought both very naturally, and we navigated towards the goal very organically, leaving me at each end of the sessions with a better understanding of various personal hurdles, as well as new perspective and tools to overcome and move forward.

It’s been a very natural and deep journey for me and Gabriela’s method and kindness have been key. As a fellow student barely starting my journey, I can say that Gabriela is already a great reference and mentor, and has also helped me see clearer in how I also want to approach my own coaching style and fields.

I, Amélie, confirm that I completed a


total of 4 sessions with my coach, Gabriela Galasinska


Signed:   Date: 14.01.2022

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"I greatly and thoroughly enjoyed working with Gabriela. Her sessions really helped me make a lot of changes in my life and discover a lot of crucial things and matters about myself. Gabriela helped me really look at my strengths and really experience them. She also raised my attention to obstacles and challenges I never really noticed before. Gabriela is warm and inspires trust. At no point did I ever felt judged or criticized. Gabriela listened to me and gave me space to reflect. Working with Gabriela I achieved a lot more than I initially aimed for and I am really grateful for that. Gabriela has a unique coaching style that I can see suited only for Gabriela and her challenging techniques are ever so gentle but extremely efficient.! Following Gabriela’s sessions I feel more powerful than ever, more committed to myself and more confident."


 I Yiasemina  confirm that I completed a total of 4 sessions with my Coach, Gabriela Galasinska. Signed: Date:  November 12, 2021

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"I was looking for a Life Coach to help me achieve my goals. I felt Life Coach could help me to start the process and I came in contact with Gabriela, After my first session with her, I had a clear, well-defined goal to work towards with a powerful action plan, which left me feeling energized and 100% committed. Gabi’s coaching techniques simply worked for me and achieving my goals feel enjoyable. She is asking the right questions and inspiring me to think but what I like most is challenging me appropriately. Being able to verbalize and explore my ideas in a non-judgmental space has helped me to define the next steps in my creative journey. The sessions left me motivational and positive, had a great flow, was structured, calm and extremely helpful. Gabriela has a friendly and supporting style.


STATEMENT: I Maleeha confirm that I completed a total of 10 sessions with Gabriela my Coach. Signed: Date: 27- 04- 2021.

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"Gabi & I explored a number of areas during our coaching sessions from incorporating a supportive daily and fitness routine to working on the marketing aspects of my business. Gabi held the space in a very warm, calm and supportive manner. By incorporating a number of different techniques she encouraged me to expand my thinking around these tasks and I was able to explore the motivations and drivers behind these tasks much more deeply than I would have achieved alone. This resulted in me being a lot clearer on my real priorities, clearing any blocks using new modalities I had previously not explored in detail, and feeling much more connected. I would highly recommend Gabi to others looking for intuitive coaching."


: I Joanne confirm that I completed a total of …12….. sessions with my Coach, …Gabriella Galasinska …………………………………………… Signed: Joanne,  Date:…11th January 2022……

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