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Early years of my life

I started out my life as most of us do: with the tender, innocent, and open heart of a child. I was born in Poland and grown up with my granny since when I finished 3 months. My parents left me for making a carrier and decided not taking me back from my granny . 

This time was blessing because brought me to the point of life where I am now.

Significant trauma early on in my life led to many years of dissociation, disconnection of my soul, severe panic attacks, and anxiety. By my teenage years, I was so filled with rage, anger, rejection and fear that I wasn't conscious about it. 

I felt so many times I don want to live like that but I promised myself to discover more my subconscious

mind and clean my past.





Fast forward 19 + years and I was now living in London, working as a nanny , shop assistant . Trying find my purpose of life in diffrent country far from my granny , was hard . I did not have anyone here to talk and say all my worries.   


I met Norbert in English school ( my husband) where I was attending after my work . From that point my life started change . I fall in love with him and we got married . 

When my first daughter arrived I felt my first awaking time. All my shadows raised up and I started deal with it.

I know it I asked for it . I felt  all my trauma in once. 

At that time no one understand me , I was alone with myself . 

My inner voice told me " YOU ARE SAFE" I was following that voice and believing is one day all will turn for good.

My Faith and belief gave me a power and strength to through of my darkness days in my life.



One day I met Madu , Hindu spiritual lady, she showed me how much I have to heal my wounded inner child. From that day I started mediate every day during 90 days . Last day of meditation I burst with tears and all my healing process began . I felt awesome then. 

2020 gave me huge opportunity to step in my power and started my new chapter of life .

I found the meaning of my life which was and it is : Helping others on their spiritual awaking process and heal trauma from the past . 

I know now how important is to heal your inner child to be able go forward and find a peace with  yourself. 

Helping others are giving me a meaning of life , fulfilment of my desire , mission, purpose . 

I’m an Intuitive Spiritual Teacher, NLP Practitioner,

The Soul Speak Practitioner and life coach

that I combines all knowledge, experience to help others heal from trauma and navigate their spiritual awakenings.

I also wrote two books which are waiting for publishing but if you would like free copy please leave your e mail below then I will send you one  , began coaching others, and started unique private retreats in UK.



Certifications / Qulifications

  • I'm Life Coach. 

  • I'm Spiritual Intuitive teacher. 

  •  I'm NLP Practitioner

  • The Soul Practitioner. 

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