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terms and condition

Thank you for visiting my website and I am sure you enjoy the experience I ve worked so lovingly to provide. Below you’ll find the rules for using our website ( and for working with Gabriela .

By navigating and using this website, you acknowledge that you have read and agree with the terms of use here specified.





1. Refunds or Money-Back Guarantees

You have every reason to feel confident and trust in working with Gabriela to solve your biggest challenge in your life.

For single sessions, all sessions are non-refundable but can be rescheduled if you cannot make your original appointment time or date.

For group sessions you will have one week notice before that all sessions will be fully redundant. 

2. Payment Plans

For your convenience, I offer a payment plan for my package's coaching program, Intuitive life coaching. If you decide on this option, you can pay for in 3 monthly payments, instead of all upfront.

However, you do save £50 in administration fees if you decide to pay it all upfront.

We do not offer payment plans for single sessions.

3. Cancellation Policy

If you have to cancel an appointment, I ask  you honour my time commitments and other fellow clients, by cancelling no less than 72 hours before the session. That gives other fellow clients the opportunity to take your time slot.

Once you cancel, you can reschedule the session at your earliest convenience but please try to schedule on a date that is very close to the date you cancelled (so we keep our regularity and progress going in a steady way).

4. Expiration of Coaching Sessions

When you purchase a single coaching and healing and intuitive life coaching session with Gabriela, you have 6 months from the time of purchase to book your appointment.

5. Confidentiality

We have a strict code of ethics when it comes to client confidentiality. What is discussed during your coaching sessions stays absolutely between you and me, Gabriela.

If I ever wishes to discuss any of your breakthroughs or insights in a public setting (like when writing an article or shooting a video), I will only do so upon written consent from you. And even then, when I discusses client breakthroughs in public (to help others on their healing journeys), she always anonymizes personal information.

6. Transfer of Services

If you miss the refund window or change your mind about coaching with Gabriela, you can pass along your unused session(s) to a friend who may be interested in working with Christina. However, please note that any transfers should only occur if the person agrees to coach with Gabriela beforehand.


1. Payment Options

You can choose to pay the entire retreat fee upfront (saving you £50) or we offer a payment plan, for your convenience: 50% of the entire retreat fee when you book your spot and the remaining 50% is due one month later.

2. Cancellation Policy

If unforeseen circumstances require you to cancel your retreat, there are a few options available:

Up to 5 months before the retreat date: A full refund will be provided less a £299 administrative fee. Refunds will be processed within 30 business days and all monies will be returned to your method of payment. We are not responsible for payments made to third parties such as airlines, hotels, transportation, etc.

4 months before the retreat date: A full refund will be provided less a £299 administrative fee if one of the following two circumstances are satisfied within 30 business days of cancellation: (1) The retreat holder is able to find his/her own replacement for the exact dates for which the retreat holder was scheduled and said replacement confirms his/her attendance or (2) Christina Lopes is able to find an individual to replace the retreat holder and he/she confirms attendance with a minimum 50% deposit.

3 months or less before the retreat date: No refunds will be provided. No exceptions will be made.

Please keep in mind that a “refund” refers to the retreat fee, not to any expenses incurred outside the retreat. You assume the risks associated with traveling to an international retreat, such as flight delays, missed connections, and hotel accommodations.

We try our very best to accommodate your needs once a retreat is booked, but there are a lot of moving parts to a successful retreat (like hotel, travel, on-the-ground transport) that we cannot be held liable for, should you choose to cancel the retreat.

3. What’s Included With The Retreat Fee

6 hours of 1-on-1 work with Gabriela, hotel (during the retreat), all meals, on-the-ground transportation, outdoor activities together, travel planning (if you request it), and a 60 min and 30 min post-retreat coaching session with Christina. The activities vary and are customized for each client, depending on what they need at the time of their retreat.

2. What’s Not Included

The base daily fee does not include flights, tourist activities, or any hotels and meals outside of the official retreat dates, and on-the-ground transportation needs outside the retreat dates.

3. Risks Assumed By Client

Although our team assists with trip planning and logistics, we are not responsible for any issues or costs arising from the activity of traveling, such as delayed flights, missed connections or lost luggage. In the event that a flight is delayed or missed, the client assumes responsibility for any lost retreat days.

Compensation for travel issues can be taken up with each individual airline but it is the responsibility of the client to seek fair compensation for any losses with the airlines themselves.


If you would like to work with Gabriela but are experiencing financial hardship or difficulties, you may be eligible for reduced-rate prices on our services and NLP programme.

We try our very best to accommodate those who are struggling with financial difficulties and you can email me

Please note that I am only able to provide a limited number of these sessions and you may be put on a waitlist.

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